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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

2018 Road Trip #1 - Louisiana

July 17, 2018

Tim's birthday ride 2018 took us east this year from Texas to Louisiana to Arkansas and back to Texas.

It was a 1255.3 mile loop over 3.5 days.

We're talking 1255 mostly sizzling s'miles. Stay tuned. Pics are coming. Woo-Hoo!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

All cleaned up and someplace to go...

July 11, 2018

Just a few photos of The Ride before we take it out and kill a few bugs... I have more pics of The Ride than just about anything else aside from the places we've been on it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

56 miles to go 8 miles

July 10, 2018

Tim and Ted (Dad) rolled out about 8 am... they say it took a couple of cups of coffee and 56 miles to get to and from Red River Harley-Davidson on a bug remover/oil run this morning.

Today's ride = 56 miles

Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 5th Breakfast Ride

July 5, 2018

We didn't get an Independence Day ride yesterday. The man worked a 12 hour night shift so sleep was a priority. And, we had plans to BBQ with the Folks. It was too damn hot to ride anyway. So, we rolled out early this morning not necessarily in search of breakfast but as luck would have it - we found coffee, some eggs and bacon and pancakes a few miles west at the Hwy Grill in Iowa Park, TX. The pancakes are platter size and served up fresh and hot with melted butter. Yum!

Hwy Grill in Iowa Park serves up breakfast just the way we like it

Sort of a little dive, quaint, cozy and dated... we love the place and the food is excellent.

It was almost cool - riding in the 80s. Winds were light and variable. We had a few clouds. We stopped at the new truck stop in Henrietta for coffee and rode on to Lake Arrowhead and over the dam before pointing the Ride home.

Tim pleased as could be that the coffee bar in the fancy new truck stop has "regular" coffee.

There's always time for a coffee break

Lots of cranes out this trip

Oil derricks on Lake Arrowhead

Lily pads on the lake

Local junk collector of motorcycles and vintage vehicles of all sorts featured on an episode of American Pickers a while back looks to be finally selling some stuff

John Chadwell (and brother Jim) have lots of vintage cars and motorcycles. They have built and raced and been involved with motorcycles most of their lives. This spot on the side of the road is always an interesting ride-by.

Todays ride = 109.9 s'miles

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

I say it again! Freedom Rocks!

July 4, 2018

May you find long and winding roads in front of you today, sunshine on your shoulders, a heart full of patriotic pride and a sky lit with a thousand glimmering lights at the end of the day.

Celebrate Independence Day in the USA! Ride Safe! Ride Free!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Just US Sunday Ride

July 1, 2018

The man of the house was feeling a little frisky this morning. We have a rare Sunday off with nothing going on... It's gonna be a hot one as they say all too often in these parts. So, we hauled our butts up out of the patio chairs as we finished a pot of coffee and rolled out early heading in an easterly direction. Like yesterday, we started out warm (temps in the 80s) but we had moderate cloud cover and light winds.

Let's Ride says he.

Okay says I.

Just me.

The Ride took us out the Lower Charlie Road, through Byers and Petrolia and east on a little farm road #2332 that winds its way back to Hwy 82 not far from the junction of Hwy 81 which leads to Bowie TX. We had ridden for about two hours before arriving just in time for the breakfast buffet at the Longhorn Café in Bowie. It is an excellent comfort food breakfast buffet and reasonably priced. After breakfast the day was heating up fast and the hot winds were picking up so we topped off with fuel and headed west moseying the long way home.

Just US caught in the reflective glass at the Longhorn Café in Bowie Texas

My mostly gravy breakfast
Tim's mostly stacked breakfast

152.1 Sunday s'miles

A couple of brews on the patio late in the day after knocking one more project off the new house todo list.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Before Donuts Ride with the Man

June 30, 2018

It was just a ride early and beat-the-heat before donuts ride. We got lucky and had a few clouds. We rolled out with Dad about 7:30 and took a long circuitous route that took us along familiar farm roads to Red River Harley-Davidson where we enjoyed the company of friends, coffee and donuts. It was hot and windy when we left the dealership so we rolled on home.

Mom's lovely patriotic porch

Rolling out with Dad (Mom in the background)

Dad in our hip pocket

The Shadow Riders finally make an appearance

Dad in the rearview...

Today's ride = 94.1 s'miles

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Road Trip Rumination

June 27, 2018

On lazy, hazy summer afternoons or evenings usually after a ride or chores and equipped with an adult beverage and salty snack we break out the road atlas and start thinking about where Tim's annual July birthday ride will take us.

Our plans are rarely set in stone as we are prone to going off-plan once we start rolling. We usually pick a general direction and think on what the contingency plan is likely to be if the original destination doesn't work out. It's July in Texas so we know we are going to ride HOT and likely in triple digit heat. Monsoons often plague Texas at this time of year too. We will ride wet but not intentionally. When the moisture starts streaming up from the Gulf it can get nasty wet in these parts and due east.

So we have a tentative plan A (ride east) and a tentative plan B (ride south) and a tentative plan C (ride north). I told Tim after last year's west Texas canyon ride in July that we don't ride west again unless the destination is high and cool in New Mexico or Colorado! Ha!

Stay cool! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Budget Breakfast Run

June 26, 2018

Sure, there's a plumbing job that needs doing today. And, the darn grass needs mowing. And, it is supposed to get steenkin' HOT this afternoon but none of that is as important as the fact this is the last morning to ride together before Friday. So, a quick breakfast run seemed like a good idea. And, so it was.

59.6 s'miles for biscuits and gravy

It's going to get HOT today but right now it's downright tolerable out here.

The Shadow Riders

Braum's sells more than burgers and ice cream

Biscuits and gravy and crispy tater tot has rounds

Old Police Car at Pawn Shop

Normally we would take the long way home - straight ahead, but today we decide we better get on home and get that plumbing job done and the grass mowed - three day weekend coming up so we're clearing the chore list!

Almost there...