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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Running out of patience now...

June 1, 2011
Colorado, USA

PMSRoad trip #1 canceled because of bad weather here and there, hinky reservations here and there, not to mention bad germs taking up residence more here than there. Ha!

Summer-like weather has made it's way to Northern Colorado and as soon as we shake off the bad ju-ju, we are out of here.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Photo

May 30, 2011
Colorado, USA

If I didn’t already know this man as a true American Patriot… if I didn’t know him to be of keen insight, educated, intelligent and articulate, if I didn’t know this man is often and thankfully outspoken in defense of the freedoms and liberties in dire peril from the overreaches of government in this season of America’s history, if I didn’t already know this man spent the better part of Memorial Day going about the real business of the day (honoring America’s best and bravest)... if I didn’t already know all that - I would still glean as much from this photo – it speaks loudly of the man’s pride in country and respect for the flag that provides the backdrop but it speaks more so, well and truly of focused reverence, devotion and humility… this photo is worth the proverbial thousand words.

PGR: Memorial Day Mission, TX

May 30, 2011
Colorado, USA

Dad (aka Ted) riding out on Memorial Day 2011 Texas -- The following is a slide show of Patriot Guard Riders on a Memorial Day Mission in North Texas (Archer City and Windthorst area). It is just one of thousands of missions and Memorial Day celebrations going on in Little Town USA - taking care of the real business of the day before breaking out the hot dogs and beer. Looking good North Texas!

Memorial Day MissionA good turnout today for Memorial Mission in Archer City, TX

Slide show (65 photos compliments of Brenda Goforth):

Arlington, Trace Atkins

May 30, 2011
Colorado, USA

Memorial Day:

Memorial Day - Freedom's Not Free

May 30, 2011
Colorado, USA

A soldier does not sacrifice alone, for when soldiers deploy overseas, the hearts of their families travel with them... -- Brig. Gen. James Doty

Freedom's Not Free by The Rivoli Revue

Americans Still Missing:

World War I = 4452
World War II = 74,384
Korea = 8186
Vietnam = 1763
Desert Shield = 12
Desert Storm = 2
Iraq/Afghanistan = 2

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Palin Rolls in with the Thunder

May 29, 2011
Colorado, USA


Directors of Rolling Thunder espoused their disapproval of the appearance because of the commotion and distraction it caused. Did she use the ride for publicity? Hmmm... Palin is Publicity personified - I think a more pertinent question is, would this media outlet have covered Rolling Thunder with more than a paragraph otherwise? So publicity stunt? Probably... to some extent, but no more so than the President is using his belated appearance to the site of the recent tragedy in Joplin... If I know bikers at all, especially Veteran bikers... I figure if the Rolling Thunder bikers did not want her in their midst - she would not have gotten a ride... my thinking is "chill"... it is what it is.

The New York Daily News. com source article below is primarily political in motive. Had the point of the article been to trash Palin's ulterior motives for hopping on, they would have emphasized the negative light her attendance threw on the proceedings - and perhaps concentrated their efforts on what Rolling Thunder is all about. Personally, I don't see it as anything other than Palin being the spontaneous, purely American fun gal that she is.

Source: New York Daily News.com, Sarah Palin arrives in D.C. on motorcycle with Rolling Thunder

Los Angeles Times.com, Sarah Palin: No bus...

Doug Powers via Michelle Malkin.com (with Fox news Video), Rolling Thunder Rolls into DC

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PGR Mission: Brian A Awalt, US ARMY Veteran - Munday, TX

May 24, 2011
Colorado, USA

TEXAS -- Patriot Guard Riders (Dad aka Ted and Ray aka Tex included) are riding out to Munday, TX today to stand the flag line in honor of US Army Veteran, Brian A Awalt who is to receive full military honors at graveside services. Brian enlisted in 2006 and served until he was medically retired in 2009.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of this young hero.


Slide show ( 51 photos - courtesy of Jody Pacheco):

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Clear our puny heads ride

May 22, 2011
Colorado, USA

Yep! We are both under the weather, suffering from some sort of crud Tim brought home from work. After cloudy skies and rain the last week or so, we were not willing to let a warm, sunny day go to waste - no matter how bad we felt. I know, we're hopeless. I'm not sure the ride helped the puny part, but it sure beat sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves.

Here's a slide show of our ride around the lakes right out our back door and of course the obligatory mountain shots, (34 photos) .

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Riding out to see Run for the Wall - Limon, CO

May 21, 2011
Colorado, USA

We were supposed to be heading out on a ten day road trip this morning. We were going to begin it by riding across two states (Kansas and Missouri) with the Run for the Wall. Well that old adage about best-laid plans swooped in and bit us on the butt. We tied up one loose end and another would unravel. Suffice it to say, long about Plan E, we threw in the towel on this one

Mom says when Providence throws that many obstacles in one's path, one might ought to consider changing the destination.

The Ride - ready to meet and greet the RFTW So, this morning, with the weatherman's promise of sunny skies, and after days of rain we rolled out of here, heading east to Limon, CO to at least see the riding patriots off on their journey east.

First stop, thirteen miles out, was Fatso's for a biscuits and gravy breakfast. Next stop, a good piece down the road was coffee at McDonald's near Brush on I-76 before traveling south on Hwy 71 toward Limon. We rolled in to Limon, found gas, checked out the downtown area and rode on to the Flying J Truck Stop where the riders were scheduled to refuel.

Vik - ready to ride for RFTWVik - ready to ride out for the Run for the Wall

Tim - ready to ride for RFTWTim - ready to ride out for the Run for the Wall

Eastern ColoradoThe roads through eastern Colorado are lazy and long and the view is unremarkable, still they are a nice change from the hustle of the city.

The trip was uneventful and the sights along the way were unremarkable. Eastern Colorado is grassy plains dotted with farm, dairy and ranch lands. A huge wind farm is going up near Limon off of Hwy 71. We didn't know about that until today. The road (Hwy 71) about 30 miles out from Limon is in really bad condition... a pot hole gauntlet in serious danger of reverting back to a cattle trail.

We estimated the riders were still about an hour out so we strolled through the truck stop, bought a cup of coffee, said a quick howdy to the American Legion Riders (the host of this fuel stop) and then found an advantageous spot to shoot some photos and video clips.

In the meantime, the skies filled with dark, ominous clouds and spit some rain. It was also getting windy.

The riders came in waves, road guards, staging crew, fueling crew, and finally the riders... we estimate about 200 or so. There were also several support vehicles carrying water and pulling trailers. You could hear the rumble as they approached the bridge long before you saw them.

Mike from Gallup - RFTW Road Guard We found the organization of the fueling really interesting. This fuel stop was compliments of the American Legion Riders of Limon. That means the riders did not have to pay for fuel at this stop. We spoke with a road guard (Mike, from Gallup NM) who had been making this journey since 1998. He said today was a good day, two fuel stops were paid by organizations like the ALR, school kids sang to them in Raton, the streets of Trinidad were lined with flag-waving patriots and lunch in LaJunta was great and so far (he said this with a brow arched to the east at the clouds boiling on the horizon) they had ridden in light rain. The other thing we found remarkable is how much gear some of the riders were carrying. Of course, many of them were camping along the way. Still, I looked at Tim and said I think we were planning to travel really light compared to the others. Vets of this ride would have labeled us FNG(s) for sure. Ha!

Storm clouds between the RFTW riders and their destination, Goodland, KSStorm clouds between the RFTW riders and their destination, Goodland, KS

We hung around watching the riders get ready for the next leg of their journey which would be Goodland, KS for the night. Many of them with an eye to the sky, pulled out their wet gear. And almost all heads turned east as they rode out over the ridge that led back to I-70.

SquallSqualls forming over the foothills and rolling down into our neck of the woods - we managed to stay just ahead of them. These little suckers can be nasty - they look like rain but can dump snow, sleet and hail as well.

The skies looked somewhat better in the opposite direction, but given how quickly they were building we decided to skedaddle back to our neck of the woods via the interstate (I-70). The winds were howling. Normally on a ride like this we will scoot over as close to the foothills as we can and ride the smaller roads home. As we rode along with a great view of the foothills and mountains, we watched one ornery little squall after another form and roll over the foothills. So, we stayed well east of the foothills and our favorite roads. 331 miles later we rolled into the drive about ten minutes before straight-line winds hit our area.

Bikers and veterans go hand in hand and I can assure you that we never forget. That rumbling sound you hear when a group of bikes come together is not noise sir, it is the harmony of brotherhood coming together for a purpose and cause. ~~ Crysta Baker

A group of bikers and veterans and patriots rode through tiny town Colorado today and for just a little while the area was lit with the light of patriotism... long may our flag wave and may we never forget those who gave their all...

This is the video I shot today of the RFTW riders arriving and departing Limon, CO.

Run for the Wall 2011 - Limon, CO

Click here to play

Run for the Wall

Have you thanked a soldier today?

May 21, 2011
Colorado, USA

It is Armed Forces Day! Thank you for your Service!

PGR Mission - USAF Veteran, Henry Bush - Burkburnett, TX

May 21, 2011
Colorado, USA

Texas -- Today Dad (Ted) and fellow Patriot Guard Riders of North Texas will ride and stand the flag line for a Burkburnett, TX Veteran. Chief Msgt Henry Bush was retired from the US Air Force and Civil Service. He served in Korea and Vietnam.


TRN.com, http://www.timesrecordnews.com/news/2011/may/19/henry-v-bush/

End of the World Ride

May 21, 2011
Colorado, USA

Radio evangelist Harold Camping, believes today May 21, 2011 is Judgement Day aka The Biblical End of the World as we know it. So, if such is the case... it's been nice knowing ya...

Myself, I think it is just plain ol' poor taste to think of ending the world on a sunny Saturday in May - what say you? Otherwise or either way, if you find you are still in this world at the end of the day... stay tuned because after a week of rain, we're looking to ride.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

New doo-dads for The Ride

March 13, 2011
Colorado, USA

New custom flag brackets designed and manufactured specifically for The Ride by Tim. We usually fly Ol' Glory but now we can fly the POW-MIA flags as well. WE WILL NEVER FORGET.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Sunburn and Helmet Head Ride

May 8, 2011
Colorado, USA

Me and The RideAll I wanted for Mother's Day was a sunburn, helmet head and weather nice enough for a long ride. Good Ol' Tim, The Ride and Mother Nature delivered on all counts!

First thing you do on Mother's Day is call your Mom. So, after a great chat with my Mom (aka Nezzie), I was ready to hit the road with Tim for a Mother's Day Ride. Man, was I happy to ride out at 9 am under blue skies in a light denim jacket (no leathers, no chaps, no long underwear).

Tim ready to ride Mother's Day 2011Tim ready to ride Mother's Day 2011

Fatso's DinerWe didn't ride far before deciding where to have breakfast. We stopped in Loveland at Fatso's Diner for the breakfast special. Biscuits and gravy for $2.99. It was warm enough to sit on the patio!

Tim Fatso's DinerTim Fatso's Diner, Mother's Day 2011

Vik Fatso's DinerVik having coffee on the patio at Fatso's Diner, Mother's Day 2011

Like I said, we had a loose plan to ride south, maybe to the Springs (Colorado Springs), avoid major highways and soak up as much of the day as possible. We found ourselves riding up on the back side of Morrison (which was already busy with motorcycles and other toys lining the crowded streets) along Hog Back Road (Hwy 93) admiring Red Rocks Park along the way. We travelled scenic Bear Creek Canyon Road (Hwy 74) through the small (and bustling) mountain towns of Idledale, Kittredge and Evergreen (bikes everywhere here as well), In Conifer, we stopped for a stretch of the leg and a cup of thermos coffee at a convenience store. Next up was a short jaunt on Hwy 285 before turning south at Pine Junction on South Platte River Road (Hwy 67). There was smoke at the turnoff and we thought there might be a fire of some sort in the Bailey/Crow Hill area (northwest of our location). We rode out of the smoke soon enough and eventually the traffic thinned.

We always stop at the Long Scraggy Peak Scenic overlook. It's just a pleasant place to stop for a stretch and a cup of thermos coffee and more often than not, interesting conversation. Today was no exception. We met a nice couple who rode up on what he called a Road King Custom (an 05 RK nicely outfitted with a fairing and other touring accessories). Tim peeled out of his jacket in Conifer. I made a similar wardrobe adjustment at this stop.

Vik Mother's Day Ride 2011Vik - Long Scraggy Peak Overlook

This road winds through the communities of Deckers, Pine and the old resort town of Buffalo Creek, established in the late 1800s and reportedly destroyed by fire several times. With that said, the road also winds alongside the Platte River (Gold Medal fishing waters) through the Hayman Burn area. Colorado's largest wildfire destroyed over 138,000 acres in June/July 2002. It took almost a month for firefighters to contain the fire. We count ourselves lucky to have seen the area prior to the fire that destroyed over 130 homes and decimated what was once a lovely forest. Still the route is a favorite with us and many others if the parking lots of the small restaurants in both Pine and Deckers are any sign of popularity. Both were overflowing with primarily motorcycles.

We travelled on and soon arrived in Woodland Park. Here again, the streets were lined with motorcycles and weekend tourists. We remember (back in the 1980s) when Woodland Park was a sleepy little town. We stayed in peaceful cabins here and used Woodland Park as our base camp when we travelled up from Texas on vacation. That was before Cripple Creek turned into a gambling town. Suffice it to say, both towns defy the descriptive term sleepy these days.

Pikes Peak from Woodland ParkThis is a view of still snowy Pikes Peak as we rolled into Woodland Park.

Hwy 24 between Woodland Park and Colorado Springs is another great ride through a canyon. It was such a gorgeous day, we decided the perfect idea for lunch would be a picnic in the park. And what better park than one of our favorites? We chose Popeye's Fried Chicken takeout and a picnic table at Bancroft Park in Old Colorado City. It's a small park with an old log cabin, a few historical markers and, great access to the shops of the area. We like to sit for a spell, have a bite to eat and watch the traffic and people go by.

Vik, Bancroft Park, Old Colorado City, COVik at Bancroft Park in Old Colorado City, working on that sunburn and helmet head and lovin' every minute of it.

Although we were in no particular hurry, a look at the time indicated we'd better get started on the trip back home. Neither one of us could summon enough interest to ride the interstate (I-25) or go near Denver (Hwy 83) so we turned around and headed back the way we came, deviating only after passing through Morrison again. The roads home were Hwy 93 through Golden, jogging over to Hwy 287 (northern suburbs of Denver), rambling in finally via Road #7 about dark-thirty (9 pm). My Mother's Day Sunburn and Helmet Head Ride lasted 12 hours and covered over 350 miles. What a great day!

The Ride at Long Scraggy Peak Scenic OverlookThe Ride at Long Scraggy Peak Scenic Overlook on the way down.

The Ride at Long Scraggy Peak Scenic OverlookThe Ride at Scenic Overlook with Long Scraggy Peak in the background.

Hole in the sky sunsetHole in the sky sunset as we were nearing home.

The following is a slide show of the day (105 photos):

Fatso's Diner 606 W. Eisenhower Blvd.
Loveland, CO 80537

Happy Mother's Day

May 8, 2011
Colorado, USA

We salute you -- Mothers of Soldiers and Soldier Moms.

May you have a Blessed Day and know in your brave hearts that America loves you. America supports you. America appreciates you.

Click for a larger pic

Saturday, May 7, 2011

No need for a jacket ride

May 7, 2011
Colorado, USA

Housework done - sort of. The rest of the yard work will keep - sort of. At 2 pm it was 76 degrees! My Harley boots practically walked out of the closet on their own. Tim drove in from Saturday shift work and we rolled out again shortly after. It was the first time this year we rode without even thinking about the need for a jacket. Skies were partly cloudy and there was a stout, westerly wind but, it was warm. We rode the lakes (Horsetooth, No Name and Carter), over to Lyons to near the northern edge of Denver then rambled the country lanes back, making a wide arc south and around Fort Collins. Once back in the city limits, we stopped for burgers, fries, onion rings and shakes, then took the long way home, rolling in 174.5 miles later, long about dusk still in t-shirt sleeves.

Rockies in the distance beyond Carter Lake.

The valley below Carter Lake - very dry.

Heading west toward Lyons, CO - the view is always spectacular.

Tim digging for the snacks we brought along... and The Ride looking good after yesterday's bath - we haven't killed too many bugs yet.

We should be green by now but the hillsides are still dry and barren.

It is bone dry out here, one spark and we're toast.

I snap a pic of ol' glory whenever I get a chance.

The Shadow Riders along for the ride.

The weather is supposed to be even better tomorrow and I am definitely looking for a Mother's Day ride.

I hope you don't see this until Monday

May 7, 2011
Colorado, USA

I hope you are out riding, somewhere, anywhere. Words is, Dad and friends are out tearing up the highways of north Texas on a benefit ride to raise money for a huge flag for the city of Iowa Park... ride safe guys.

The Ride is washed and ready to get out and collect bugs. We will roll out this afternoon as soon as the man's Saturday shift work is over... we have blue skies and temps in the 70s - maybe even the 80s today! All I want for Mother's Day is a sunburn and helmet head... stay tuned.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fly Ol Glory Today

May 5, 2011
Colorado, USA

I am flying the American flag today - any questions?

Great afternoon ride... flags standing straight out behind us... woo-hoo!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PGR Mission: James Vita, US Army, Vietnam Veteran

May 4, 2011
Colorado, USA

Texas -- Patriot Guard Riders are on the road to Seymour, TX today to stand the flag line in honor of US Army, Vietnam Veteran James Vita. This Veteran earned many commendations, including the Air Medal, four Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars during his service 1967 to 1969, with the 101st Airborne and the 3/187th. He also served with the National Guard for over thirteen years.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of this brave Veteran.

Rest in peace soldier and thank you for your service.

Source: Times Record News.com, James Ray Vita