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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallowe'en!

October 31, 2012
Colorado, USA

If you are out on a witchin' ride today - be safe in your travels. We are out enjoying a BOO Ride - Woo-Hoo!

UPDATE: What Luck! Hallowe'en in Colorado and it is nice enough to ride in denim! Woo-Hoo! We rolled out about mid-morning on the BOO ride in search of brunch. A short while later we stopped in front of a cafe in the tiny town of Eaton, CO we have visited several times. The Cowboy Corner Cafe... is no more. I noticed the change in signage, decor and wondered why there was plenty of available seating but not quick enough to warn Tim who barreled on through the front door like he owned the place. The cafe has changed their name to the Corner Cafe. Well, we sat down at a table near the window and looked over the now very limited offerings. Breakfast was already off the menu (where it had always been offered all day) so I ordered a BLT and Tim ordered a cheese burger. The elderly couple now running the place said they had reopened about a month ago. Uh-oh! Apparently, they had a falling out with their partner (a biker dude who used to run the place). Too bad. I believe he was the better cook. Anyway, it took forever to get our hum-drum sandwich and burger. I bravely gnawed my way through el cheapo bacon on dry white toast while Tim drowned his burger in mustard. I shoved my pasty fries across to Tim who managed to get them down with far too much ketchup. The bar and grill was doing a pretty good business across the street with the locals - I am betting the news is out. Oh well!

We spent the rest of the afternoon riding away from what we hoped was the last "trick" of the day. The weather was great and the winds light on the farm roads of eastern Colorado. We roamed up one country road and another, commenting on what the farmers were doing. Along the way the odometer on the Ultra clicked past the 42,000 mile mark. We slowly ambled our way home around a couple of the lakes we like to ride and snuck in part of a dam ride. We arrived just in time to light most of the house and treat the daycare kids who came marching across the street in high spirits. Then, we lit the rest of the house and enjoyed treating the kids and visiting with the neighbors who dropped by to tour the house. Yep! The house is "spooked" from top to bottom - inside and out.

This is my favorite time of year and my favorite holiday. Starting the day off with a BOO ride made for a great Hallowe'en Day and Night.

Hmmm... perhaps not the best advertisement for a SPA...

We are in the middle of the corn harvest.

This was the view in front of us as The Ride rolled over 42K - The Rockies glistening with their first snow.

A farmer with a sense of scarecrow humor... the table was set with beer bottles.

Not all witches ride a broom... ha!

Busted! Tim has been out with another witch - um - er - woman. LOL!

Slide show of the rest of the day's ride ( photos):

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary Folks!

October 26, 2012

Today the Folks (Ted aka Frosty and Inez aka Nezzie) celebrate their 58th marriage anniversary. I say marriage - not wedding - because the wedding was a few minutes before a justice of the peace 58 years ago. And, the emphasis has always been on the marriage of two hearts and single far-sighted goal still sitting on the horizon. Yes, they are still showing the rest of us how it is done.

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year. -- Paul Sweeney

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Folks!

I created this mini-movie in 2009 for the 55th Anniversary - sharing it again.
Click here to play

Monday, October 22, 2012

Get your witch socks on and let's ride!

October 21, 2012
Colorado, USA

Distractions! Distractions! They are what they are but color me happy to finally hop on for a ride. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in northern Colorado. The skies were clear, the winds were mild and the temp was perfect.

First! It simply will not do to ride out in October without the proper attire including witchy socks! Fall is my favorite time of year and Hallowe'en is my favorite holiday. Among other distractions, I have spent the last few weeks "witching the house and grounds".

Tim and myself with the ride - the yard all decked out like a Gothic flea market behind us.

It was just an extended dam ride but sooooo great to get out of the house. It is likely the last time we will get to roll out of the drive without the leathers. Next weekend, actually about mid-week our weather starts looking a bit "iffy" and the s-word is being tossed out there. We've had flurries of course but no accumulation so far. Not to worry... we have firewood, movies, books, the Harley Ride Planner and stew-makings.

The ride known as the dam ride is one of our favorite rides... and it is literally right out our front door. We were not the only ones out and about taking advantage of the fine Fall weather before ol' man winter pays a visit. The hills were alive with vehicles you drive, ride or pedal.

And one last thing... thanks for the Harley purse Mom. Phone and wallet both fit.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PGR Mission: TX - US Army WWII Veteran

October 16, 2012
Colorado, USA
Texas: Today the Patriot Guard of North Texas will stand the flag line at funeral services in Wichita Falls, TX for a WWII Veteran:

Lt Col Travis E Meyer, US Army, WWII/Korean Conflict Veteran

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of this veteran.

Rest in Peace Sir and Thank You for Your Service!

Obit Times Record News Travis E Meyer