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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Freedom is not free...

January 23, 2014
Colorado, USA

A moment of respect for our friends
"Nubbin" and Angela Johnston
and the family and friends of
Marine Sgt. Gary S. Johnston

Marine Sgt. Gary S. Johnston
May 24, 1985 (Windthorst, Texas)
January 23, 2007 (Anbar Province, Iraq)
3rd Reconnaissance Battalion
3rd Marine Division
III Marine Expeditionary Force

Fading light, dims the sight,
And a star gems the sky gleaming bright,
From afar, drawing, near, falls the night.
-- from Taps --

Friday, January 3, 2014

First Ride 2014

January 3, 2014

It was only a get-some-gas ride but it was enough to put a smile on his kisser... ha!


January 3, 2014


Perhaps you visited one of the local cemeteries during the holiday season and maybe you noticed that in a few places almost every veteran’s grave was adorned with a green Christmas wreath decorated with a red bow. The cemeteries are located in Windthorst, Holliday, East Lawn, Petrolia, Dean and Byers, Texas. These wreaths are put out by a few selfless individuals with love and gratitude for often forgotten heroes whose graves have lain unadorned for far too long.

In December 2010, a local Gold Star family from small town Texas requested the national organization, Wreaths Across America to place a wreath on the graves of a beloved son (lost in Iraq) and a beloved brother (lost in Vietnam). They were declined. Upon hearing about it, two local Vietnam Veterans and their wives conceived an idea of putting handmade wreaths on the graves of the two heroes – an uncle and his namesake. The idea was to place the wreaths anonymously and with great respect for the family.

This small gesture, with such humble beginnings has since grown into an effort to locate and decorate the graves of veterans in small cemeteries all over north Texas. In December 2011 a small group of veterans and patriots self-funded the decoration of the Archer City Cemetery. The graves were decorated with the help of local motorcycle riders most of them veterans and their spouses and children.

Encouraged by the response to their efforts, Wreaths for Vets held fund raisers sponsored by Red River Harley Davidson and in 2012 decorated the graves of veterans in the Wichita County Cemetery of Wichita Falls, Texas.

In 2013 Wreaths for Vets (still a loose-knit, self-funded all volunteer group of patriots and bikers) placed 800 wreaths on the graves of veterans. The wreaths will adorn the graves of veterans until the first week of January.

How do you say thank you to all who have taken time and money and sacrificed time away from family and friends to so lovingly do this special recognition of our fallen heroes? It is simple: remember when you see the marvelous sight of Christmas wreaths on the graves of - until now - often unrecognized veterans, pause in a moment of respect.

Remember also the veterans serving our country today at home and abroad and those still serving (like most of the members of Wreaths for Vets) – give a nod of respect, grab a hand and share a hug, say five little words, Thank You for Your Service. The reward will be a genuine American-made smile and thank you in return.


UPDATE: Published in The Times Record News, January 9, 20124 - Wichita Falls, TX

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2014
Colorado, USA

As is our custom, we will stage a sit-in-by-the-fire to welcome the New Year 2014. We will allow Mother Nature's fickle and chilly temperament to dictate our activities for the time being. Resolutions are for procrastinators so we will likely pull out our matching Harley road planners and resolve to ride a few more new roads in the coming year.

The future is never certain but if the fates are kind and we have anything to do with it we will find a few more s'miles out there on the horizon. In the south we call that over yonder. We know where yonder is. It's thataway. Ha!

With that said, if you are checking in - Happy New Year! May you find peace, love, prosperity and wide open roads in your future. As always we wish you and yours the bright blessing of enduring freedom and send out heartfelt appreciation to all Veterans far and wide.

Keep calm and ride on...