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Monday, February 28, 2011

Just a great photo...

February 28, 2011
Colorado, USA

Ted (aka Dad, aka PGR Ride Captain "Frosty") stands the flagline on a chilly February morning.

Comment from a friend: ...We have an aged vet standing so close to the most prominent symbol of freedom known to man, but if one didn't know the man and his history, one would still note the age, the alignment with the U.S. flag, the fact that for some reason he's standing there in very cold weather and with a solemn look communicating a devotion to that flag and some kind of duty; otherwise, why would he be doing that? -- Charlie McMurtry

'Nuff said.

Photo by: Brenda (thanks, girl)

Friday, February 25, 2011

PGR Mission: Fireman Clifton Nelson - Texas

February 25, 2011
Colorado, USA

Texas -- Ted (that's my Dad) and fellow PGR captain Tex captained a Patriot Guard Mission this morning in honor of Fireman Clifton Nelson. The PGR will stand the flag line at St Mary's Catholic Church and the Archer City Cemetery.

Rest in Peace Sir and thank you for your service to community.

From PGR Ride Captain (Tex): Twelve bikes, two cages, fourteen people. That's what it's all about. A good group to Honor Clifton Nelson today in Windthorst and Archer City. Thanks to the members of the PGR who braved the cold to stand and Honor this former Fireman from Archer City. Thanks to the family who invited us. It was an Honor for us to be there. The Big Flag Bikes were awesome! Thank you so much. Again, from the RC's, thanks to everyone who took part in this mission. Thank you for the respect and honor that was shown in the flag lines to the family and to the many visitors that were present.

Obituary: Times Record News, Clifton Nelson

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Damn cold says Tim

February 24, 2011
Colorado, USA

Temps hovering around freezing and skies spitting snow made for a darn chilly ride (Tim said damn cold, actually) after scheduled maintenance and new tires.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PGR Mission: DAV honors WWII Heroes - Texas

February 23, 2011
Colorado, USA

Wichita Falls, TX -- Patriot Guard Riders stood the flag line this morning at the request of DAV Chapter 41 during a ceremony honoring "The Greatest Generation" (WWII heroes). The event was held at the Red Door Senior Citizens Center. Word is, there was a great turnout.

Jimmy and Ted stand the PGR flag line to honor greatest generation

Comment from Senior Road Captain Mike J.: Ray "Tex" C will be ride captain on this event with Ted "Frosty" F (that's Dad) assisting him. And on a personal note, I just want to tell every one how much the hard work and dedication of these two guys means to the area PGR!

Comment from member of the DAV: I want to extend our heartfelt thanks for the Patriot Guard Riders attendance at the Greatest Generation celebration. DAV Chapter Commander Joel Jimenez, all officers and members of DAV Chapter 41 were totally thrilled with the Flag Line. There were numerous comments from attendees at the event. The PGR was the Crown Jewel in an already great event. A special salute to Ray "Tex" C, Ted "Frosty" F and Jim M. Thanks so much for all you do.

Ya make me proud guys...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Weekend Rides

February 20, 2011
Colorado, USA

Saturday -- What luck - it was warm enough (well almost) in northern Colorado to ride in February! Temps rose to 49 degrees before noon in our neck of the woods. So, yeah, we rolled out of the drive about 1 pm under mostly sunny skies. The cold front due in was still a smudge on the northern horizon and the storms raging over the Rockies would stay over the Rockies. Winds were moderate.

We rode around the southern end of Horsetooth Reservoir, still covered with treacherous ice, despite the warm temps and sun of the last few days.

The ChiefWe decided to check out the almost new leather store in the area. What a pleasant surprise! Beavers Den Leathers is located just outside of Loveland, CO on Hwy 34 (that's the road to Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park). Larimer County is apparently a stick in the mud where signage is concerned so here are your landmarks... heading west from Loveland, CO, just past the road to Carter Lake left/south is a carved Indian Chief sitting in the middle of a field on your right/north, start looking because Beavers Den Leathers is coming up around a little bend on the same side (right/north) of the road. You'll know it by a large yellow sign and scantily clad mannequins out by the roadside waving a stiff hello. Parking in front of the Den is paved and Todd works hard to keep it clean and free of gravel (no small chore after snow plows run).

Tim goofing around in front of the store... Tim - You didn't get that did you? Me - Uh, yeah... Tim ...!!(&%*(%*^$!! Ha!

Here's the best part. Beavers Den is well stocked (leather jackets, chaps, belts and more), clean, comfy and roomy. They were having a decent winter sale. The front porch looks like the perfect spot to sit a spell after a long, mountain ride. We'll let you know... The owner we spoke with, LeeAnn, is friendly and helpful. This is a biker owned outfit. LeeAnn tells me she owned a leather store in Kansas before moving to Colorado and setting up shop in this location last summer. The owners are ardent supporters of our armed services (offers military/veteran discounts) and they are proud members of the American Legion Post 136 in Mulvane, KS, the ALR, and the Kansas Patriot Guard. And, heads up Colorado bikers! The Den will be patch headquarters in northern Colorado. As you know, patches are hard to come by up this way except at rallies. The Den has a room dedicated to patches. We walked in and immediately found a couple that needed to come home with us. At present, the Den is operating under winter hours, but LeeAnn said she'll do her best to accomodate customers. It might be best to give them a call to verify hours. This place will be a great stop for a poker/toy/benefit run. I'm betting if the roads are clear and the sun is shining, you'll find the doors open. The web site is up and running. See: Beavers Den Leathers. You can also find them on FaceBook. Events (there was a hint about a Biker BBQ before long) will be posted to Thunder Roads. Good luck Beavers Den - we'll see you again soon.

After doing our part to support the local economy, we rode a few more miles. We made our way over to Lyons, CO and stopped in the park for a little while. We saw a good many bikers on the road today... all of us trying to get a few miles in before the next round of weather comes in. We lost the sun while we were at Lyons, so we rambled back home, finishing the day off with pizza, wings and beer.

Sunday: After rain last night, today wasn't nearly as warm as yesterday. We got out for a short while anyway. The blasted winds were howling. We rode north of town in harsh north winds, so we thought, let's ride south of town. By the time we got across to the southern end of town, the winds had changed direction at least half a dozen times. That's Colorado for you.

We purt near froze our butts off riding on the east side of this small, frozen lake near Loveland, CO. Frigid winds out of the west were howling at this point of the ride. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr....

No - we're not complaining about the cold or the winds. We'll ride when we can - except next time - one of us needs to clean the mirrors before we roll out. Ha!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Texas: Iwo Jima Reunion

February 19, 2011
Colorado, USA

Of the Marines on Iwo Jima,
uncommon valor was a common virtue.

Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Iwo Jima, WWII

Iwo Jima

The raising of the American Flag on D-Day, February 19, 1945 on Mount Suribachi, Japan.

Texas -- The Folks (Ted and Nezzie) will join Patriot Guard Riders of North Texas to honor WWII Veterans today during a reenactment of the raising of the American flag.

Update: First report in (from Nubbin). This year had 44 survivors and 2 CMoH winners including Marine, Woody Williams. We had a 160 PGR to show up and hold flags in honor of these heroes!
Update #2 and photos:
Nezzie (Mom) reports: There were 88 bikes, 147 PGR people and at least 10 cages for this years Iwo Jima Reunion. She said, "It was a wonderful sight to see all the bikes and PGR members arrive at the hotel before the reunion started." There were three gold star families there, including Nubbin and Angela and the Maldonado family. Ted (Dad) held the Air Force flag inside the building until he met a young Air Force S/Sgt who wanted to join The Patriot Guard. Ted asked the young man if he would like to hold the flag for the first time as a PGR member. The young man accepted. Nezzie (Mom) stood the flag line inside the ceremony room. she said, "It was a very exciting and a very emotional thing again this year."

Source: Times Record News.com, Iwo Jima Survivors Get Heroes Welcome
Times Record News.com, Reunion honors Iwo Jima survivors
For more info see Iwo Jima: http://www.iwojima.com/

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Temp was right - winds too high

February 16, 2011
Colorado, USA

Housework done? Nope.
Laundry done? Nope.
Paperwork done? Nope.
Shopping done? Nope.
Wanna ride? Yep.

Temps reached the mid 60s in our neck of the woods today and the winds were howling, but that didn't keep us from getting out for a 23 mile tour around the south end of town on a BTGTWR (before Tim goes to work ride).

Mountains glistening beyond frozen lake - believe it or not - there's a storm raging in the high country.

Winds were howling along country roads in our neck of the woods today.

Inadvertent ME shot - ha!

Shadow Riders join us for a short, windy ride.

Fine weather for mBSc ride in Texas

February 16, 2011
Colorado, USA

Ted rides out for mBSc chapter ride Wichita Falls, TX -- Looks like fine riding weather today in Texas. A brief respite from the extended and extreme version of frigid weather of late in north Texas has Ted (Dad) and a couple of other members of the mBSc out on a chapter ride.

The mBSc is the name I gave to Dad and a few of his cronies who have spent the winter roaming between coffee shops generally engaging in biker BS. The acronym mBSc stands for Misfit Biker Social Club or as one of the other members says Mostly BS Club - either way the emphasis is on BS.

Ride safe guys and I want to hear all about it.

Update: Last report was from Hard Eight BBQ in Stephenville, TX... Today's mBSc ride took the guys to the Green Frog in Jacksboro for breakfast, to the leather shop in Hico, to lunch at the Hard Eight in Stephenville and back to Wichita Falls. Mom reports Dad rode out about 8:30 am and finally straggled back in about 6 pm. Temps reached the high 70s, maybe even 80s in Texas today. That's first sunburn kind of weather. Jimmy posted this picture for Tim. I had to clean my monitor afterwards. Ha!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Breaking 16,000

February 15, 2011
Colorado, USA

The Ride 02-15-2011 We rolled over the 16,000 mile mark on The Ride today on a 49 mile jaunt over the dam, around frozen lakes and along the country lanes in the area.

When we left Colorado last Thursday evening, temps were in the single digits and considerable ice-pack from the last snow remained on the streets. We were happy to see the ice had disappeared upon our return last night after a quick trip to Texas. Still a little tired and weary after our trip, a 49 mile ride with temps in the mid 50s was just enough to clear the head and put a smile on the day.

Yep, that's a grin on his face. A call this morning said come in to work later than usual - with temps in the mid 50s... there wasn't much of a problem figuring out what to do with a couple of extra afternoon hours.

Horsetooth Reservoir (south end) - frozen

Horsetooth Reservoir (north end) - frozen

Terry Lake - frozen

More frozen water...

The Ride's first outing with all the new chrome

Catfish with Friends and Family

February 15, 2011
Colorado, USA

Saturday evening, February 12, 2011, Wichita Falls, TX -- Well, it wasn't a ride but it was the next best thing... catfish and beer with friends and family after celebrating my Grandmother's 100th birthday. We met at the Catfish Grill on Southwest Parkway in Wichita Falls, Texas.

The company was the best. The catfish was delicious and plentiful. The beer had just the right amount of chill. The service was excellent.

Did I mention the company? Thanks to Ray and Laura, Jimmy and Lori, Nubbin, Angela, Sabrina, Mom and Dad, Stormy and Rob and Kimberly, for making it a night of friendship and laughs that will hold us over until next we meet when it is warm enough to get on down there with The Ride or one or all of them get on up here.

Dad (Ted), Rob, Stormy, Jimmy and Lori

Mom (Nezzie), Laura, Ray (Tex), Dad (Ted), Rob and Stormy

Nubbin, Me, Mom, Laura, Lori, Angela and Sabrina

Hey Nubbin!

Me (man, I needed that beer), Mom (Nezzie) Laura, Ray (Tex), Dad (Ted) and Rob

Photos by Tim.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wishful thinking...

February 9, 2011
Colorado, USA

By: Joey J and the Shovelheads

Monday, February 7, 2011

It's getting serious out there folks...

February 7, 2011
Colorado, USA

We need some riding weather... soon!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Some people have way too much time on their hands...

February 4, 2011
Colorado, USA

Hundreds gather to protest global warmingHundreds gather to protest global warming

See what happens when motorcycles have to sit in the garage too long?