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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hallowe'en

October 31, 2013

Tonight the witches will ride, will ride,
Each on her broomstick Harley astride, astride,
Silent and swift in their mystic flight
Upward they'll go in the cold, black night.

And the wind will sob, and shriek, and moan,
The great trees shudder, and shake, and groan.
The moon will hide in the murky sky,
In the forest dark the bats will fly.

And owls will hoot, and wolves will howl
And green-eyed cats in the shadows prowl.
Tonight the witches will ride, will ride,
Each on her broomstick Harley, astride, astride.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The witch rides on...

October 30, 2013

Sharing again - It is so corny and I love it!
Click here to play

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Frosty and Nezzie are Celebrating 59 Years Today

October 26, 2013

Ted aka Frosty aka Dad and Inez aka Nezzie aka Mom
Estes Park CO - October 2012

The story of me is so much better because it begins with the story of the Folks who are celebrating their 59th Anniversary today!

The story of Ted and Inez is long and interesting as are real life stories of survival and endurance and commitment. What I know is they have made the last six decades or so together look easy although it was far from it... They were born in the humble 1930s to parents who were what is known as the greatest generation so they were raised in an era that exemplified Americanism. In my opinion they are the real American success story. Not rich. Not powerful. Just real people who worked hard for a living, proudly served the country, provided well for two children, took care of their own and have managed all these years under self-sustained power. They have survived war and peace, depressions and recessions. They have weathered a few storms in life including several Texas tornadoes. They have made it through what should have been several life altering health issues. They have raced cars, had prize-winning show cars and trucks and brought a Harley into their life in the last few years. Growing up with these two at the helm provided a safe and secure foundation liberally laced with FUN!

They are patriotic and independent - a shining example of true American perseverance.

I consider myself fortunate beyond words that I come from such tenacious stock.

What words I do have today are these - Stay strong and carry on Folks - I am looking forward to the continuing saga that is your amazing story.

Congratulations and Love Across the Miles... Happy 59th Anniversary Folks!