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Saturday, February 16, 2013

PGR Honors Greatest Generation

February 16, 2013
Colorado USA

The Folks - Iwo Jima Reunion 2013
Ted aka Frosty and Nezzie
Texas -- The Folks (Ted and Nezzie) were out and about today on a mission with the Patriot Guard attending the 22nd annual Iwo Jima Reunion.

Members of the "greatest generation" gather in Wichita Falls, Texas every year near the anniversary of one of the most famous battles in WWII history -- The Battle of Iwo Jima/Operation Detachment February 19th thru 26th, 1945. Today's ceremonies included a reenactment of the raising of the American flag February 23, 1945 - on Mount Suribachi Japan. Patriot Guard Riders from the area consider it an honor to stand the flag line for these veterans.

Ted riding to Iwo Jima Reunion
Ted - PGR Mission - Iwo Jima Reunion

Patriot Guard Riders
Patriot Guard Riders! Looking good gang!

WWII Veteran poses with PGR
WWII Veteran and wife with Patriot Guard Riders

What a great photo!
WWII Veteran and wife sit on a motorcycle
WWII Veteran and wife sit a motorcycle

Ted and Crazy Mike
Ted aka Frosty and Crazy Mike

Ted riding out from Iwo Jima Reunion
Ted aka Frosty rides away from Iwo Jima Reunuion

Photos compliments of Kirby Pacheco - thanks for sharing!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V-Day!

February 14, 2013
Colorado USA

Just for fun - Tim's V-Day card...

Little V-Day Arrows for You

Click here to play

Monday, February 11, 2013

A moment of respect

February 11, 2013
Colorado USA

Chris Kyle 1974-2013

I’ve lived the literal meaning of
the ‘land of the free’
and ‘home of the brave.’
It’s not corny for me.
I feel it in my heart.

A few random pictures of the Patriot Guard Riders at the memorial today.

Source: Thanks to those posting photos all across the web.

UPDATE: Photos from Waco Tribune

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Let's hope the critter cooperates this year

February 2, 2013
Fort Collins, CO

Groundhog I'm looking for just enough cloud cover today to get the job done - six more weeks of winter - we don't even want to think about it. Heads up Groundhog - the Robins are back!