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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Biker Poetry

March 24, 2010
Fort Collins, CO

Waitin' for the Ride
by Ann Weyant
March 24, 2010

Another beautiful day and ...
Here I sit broken-hearted,
Just lookin' at my Harley,
Longing to get her started.

I love the freedom of the ride
Roaring down the road - wind in my face.
Eatin' bugs and dirt,
Out in the open space.

There's nothing like the ride
For settlin' my nerves.
Just me and my Harley,
Leanin' round the curves.

Yes, I've been there,
and I know how it feels.
Living for the ride and
Hopin' for no spills.

There'll be another tomorrow
And in the days to come.
I'm waitin' for the ride,
That's where I'm comin' from.

Used with permission from the author - Thanks Ann!


  1. Thanks, Vickie - it's always a pleasure sharing my poems or stories. But back to the present - John provided the words of the first stanza and the rest just came easy - maybe because I've been there done that, riding with Denny on his Harley. Thanks again for the post - your blog is really nice! :) Ann

  2. Backatcha Ann! The source of inspiration is a wonder to me sometimes... thanks for sharing. -V-

  3. Very nice Ann - Good memories are always remembered. John.

  4. Yeah, Ann...it's good. It's been forever since I've "been there, done that" but one never forgets, huh? Sometimes, would like to go back and snatch one of those days back one more time. Luv,M

  5. My dad loved his Harley's, he loved to ride. He taught me how to ride at 7 years old. I lost my dad August 1, 2010. He went out of this world riding his harley, now I am looking for help to write the perfect inscription on my daddy's headstone. Please help. jes.long@yahoo.com

  6. I am deeply sorry for your loss... my thinking is: Your Dad -- Loved Harleys. Loved to ride. Went out of this world riding his Harley... who can say the road on the other side isn't one beautiful ride?

    One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. ~~ Henry Miller

  7. Attn: jes.long >> I have posted your request for help for an inscription for your daddy's headstone on a post labeled Perfect last Words, August 17, 2010


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