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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dumb Broad Alert - Says Bikers are Losers

If I have to explain it - you wouldn't understand... fits this scenario perfectly.

Bikers are losers, says an NBC Today Show Host. Her name is Hoda or Hooey or something like that (see source link below). I'm sticking with Hooey (if you know southern lingo - you know hooey, figuratively speaking is something you basically scrape off the bottom of a boot aka BS).

Recalling an adventure with Kathie Lee Gifford back in 2013 Hooey had this to say about going to a restaurant called Alabama Jacks (I believe it is located in Florida). We dressed in leather, like a couple of losers really, like at the biker bar.

People like this saying things like that are the reason I do not watch much TV. In fact, I didn't see the episode first hand and would have remained happily oblivious to the comment had it not floated to the top of my news feed on social media because it was shared by my biker friends. At the risk of throwing a blanket statement out there as sort of a backatcha, this vapid excuse for a woman is representative of all lamestream media airheads sitting pretty in front of a camera reading somebody else's words, wearing a dress they don't own and jewels they don't own in far too much makeup using far too much hair product. In other words they are all posers and fakes and I heartily resent they are perceived as representative of my gender. Women like that are definitely the reason I don't watch entertainment news. I call it entertainment news because shows like this take what they think is news or create what they think is newsworthy and distort it and pervert it so that the dummied down viewers think it is the real thing. (Yes, this woman thinks bikers are losers and apparently they considered dining at this establishment - sort of a slumming adventure - it's not a stretch to believe she thinks viewers are dummies). What they offer on this type of show is sort of news - done up reality show style. I have said for many years that crap will rot your brain and now we have proof.

Bikers are losers.

It's a broad statement. The kind of dumb statement that should never come from a mouth with a camera trained on it. The kind of contentious statement that would get you fired due to ethic violations at any real job.

Hmmm... Bikers are losers. To my knowledge there are bikers from all walks of life. Men and women. Old and young. Doctors and nurses. Lawyers and bankers. Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Teams. Countless celebrities and DJs. And Veterans both active duty and retired. Blue Collar and White Collar. Professionals and people who work in the trades. Think about the diversity. This is red, white and blue America we're talking about although the biker culture exists in every country on the planet. We are global much more so than most other special interest groups. Bikers know more about getting along and letting it be than any other group out there today -- all those cultures, mind-sets, genders, ethnicities and politics coming together in harmony, rallying for a cause and getting it done without name-calling and race-baiting.

If this comment were directed toward a gender or ethnic group or other special interest group - the protestors would be lining up in front of NBC studios as we speak of it. But that's not how bikers roll. Bikers keep calm and carry on.

About those leathers. A biker's leathers do not come from Fith Avenue. We do not put them on for fun. Wearing leathers is not a fashion statement. Bikers are not playing dressup when we put on leathers. Most of us grew out of that infantile dress up crap about the age of five. A biker's leathers have seen more miles than any hair brain like this broad can count. A biker's leathers have been on the roads of the real America. A biker's leathers have stood beside more graves of fallen heroes and veterans and law enforcement officers than this noodle-head ninny for sure. And bikers across the United States of America have given more dollars and sweat in support of the needy than this bubble head can fathom. I believe I just engaged in what some would call name calling. I see it as an exercise in creative speech.

There is a code among bikers. It's mostly unspoken. But it exists. It's the kind of code that writes itself when people of a like mind and a certain level of integrity come together. It doesn't give much credence to the opinion of others...

I guess the best thing about being a biker with a TV still in the house is this: Click! That's the sound of a biker tuning out the nonsense on NBC - (that's what the N stands for ya know - Nonsense). Rumble! That's the sound of a biker tuning in to the reality of fresh air and open roads. Go ahead - talk behind our backs - we don't mind because you don't matter. 'Nuff said.

Source: Read more at http://rare.us/story/heres-what-this-nbc-anchor-said-about-bikers-that-really-pissed-them-off/#CVh0KoTrZTZDUpUy.99


  1. I couldn't agree more. Congratulations on your post.

  2. LOL! I guess we discovered my pet peeve - women who talk out of the side of their mouths and think it's cute. Ride safe... I'm trying to catch up out here.

  3. Apparently there is one guy out there (who shall rename nameless for his own protection) hanging out on a biker blog who agrees with Hooey aka the dumb broad. He agrees that all bikers are losers. He says that statement is an understatement. His comment/name will not get posted here because he did not offer an opinion that supports why he agrees with the statement. Like I said before - watching that crap and the frauds who decorate your TV screen for no other reason than the eye candy it is will destroy brain cells. SMH Ride Safe. Ride Free.


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