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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Riding weather in Texas

February 17, 2010
Fort Collins, CO

Dad Rides - 02/17/2010 Wichita Falls, Tx -- Mom writes that the sun was shining and temps were in the 50s in Texas today. Perfect for a February ride. We'd kill to see a clear day in the 50s in Northern Colorado this year.

Dad rode to Bowie and back, then north on Hwy 287 where some friendly bikers waved him over. He stopped and visited for a while before riding home.

Dad says Hi and wishes you were here. Tomorrow is to be another beautiful day to ride. Yep, wish we were there, too.

Dad Rides - 02/17/2010

Lookin' good, Dad.

If I didn't like my HDTV so much I'd shoot the weatherman. We have snow in the forecast for the next three days - sigh!


  1. Yes, the weather is finally warming up here in North Texas! It is pretty and I am in the office!!! Hope it is nice this weekend.

  2. I need to move to Texas! Its too cold for riding up here in Ohio. :( Love the blog!

  3. :) Thanks for the kudos on the blog... have you seen the weather in Texas today 02/01/2011? the wind chill was -16 last I heard. It is -11 here in Northern Colorado. That's cold for us, too. Of course, in Texas -- they could be riding by the end of the weekend.


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